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Cerebus #0
1993 Excerpt from CEREBUS #0


Cerebus Vol I
Black & White
CEREBUS reprints Cerebus 1-25
500 pages — $25 US [+$4.95 S/H]
Story/Art: Dave Sim

Dave Sim at Night Flight June 8, 1994

Easily the most common (and difficult) question I'm asked about CEREBUS is to describe what the book is about. In an age when most movies, novels and television shows can be distilled to a 'sound byte' (High Noon in Outer Space, Westworld done with dinosaurs), a description of CEREBUS becomes an ever-more daunting task.

Put as simply as possible, CEREBUS is my attempt to document a life for twenty-six years and three hundred issues. CEREBUS began in December 1977 and concludes in March 2004 at issue 300, witht the death of the title character. It is my attempt to by-pass one of the major faults of comic books (and strips, for that matter); the fact that the characters never age or change and that most attempst at change can be summed up as gimmicks and temporary modifications introduced for the purpose of boosting sales.

Sometimes the CEREBUS store-line is funny. Sometimes it is sad. Sometimes it crawls along month to month with very little happening and sometimes it flies by at breathtaking speed with everything happening at once.

I create the book consciously this way because that is the way I see my life; my life and the lives of those people that I know. In some story-lines, Cerebus is a central figure and a driving force behind the events taking place. At other times he is a secondary figure, observing rather than participating. Again, this is very much like my own life and the lives I see around me.

Note From The President originally printed CEREBUS #0 1993 © Dave Sim.
CEREBUS content & art © 2005 Dave Sim. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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