Tuesday—January 23, 2001

This year's TROMA party was bigger and better than ever! Attendees enjoyed FREEWHEELER Pizza. Thanks Don! As well as Free comics & TROMA movie posters autographed by Lloyd Kaufman (director/TROMA Studios founder) & Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero radio host/voice of The Toxic Avenger.)

Special guest appearances by Alison, Traci, Toxic Avenger & Sgt. KabukiMan NYPD from TROMA studios.

Actors Don Shanks & Mark White also stopped in to join in the fun.

The night started early, and below are a few photos for the memories. Don't miss next year's bash and you'll get to see and experience it all.

Larger image 131k
The crowd starts to form as Lloyd Kaufman & Clyde Lewis wrap up a last minute interview.
Brian Taylor, Lloyd Kaufman, Clyde Lewis, Don Shanks, Toxie. 102k
L-R: Brian Taylor, Lloyd Kaufman, Clyde Lewis, Don Shanks, Toxie. (Unidentified man)
Robyn Hill, Lloyd Kaufman. Larger Image 87k
Robyn Hill & Lloyd Kaufman
with Citizen Toxie movie poster.
Clyde Lewis. Larger image 250k
Clyde Lewis autographs Citizen Toxie movie posters.
Alison, Trevor, Traci. Larger Image 131k
Alison, Trevor & Traci
Alison, Clyde, Traci. Lager image 96k
Alison, Clyde & Traci
Clyde Lewis, Lloyd Kaufman. Larger image 178k
Lloyd Kaufman & Clyde Lewis meet their fans.
Toxie, Lloyd, Don. Larger Image 55k
Toxie, Lloyd & Don Shanks
Alison, Lynn, Traci. Larger Image 90k
Alison, Lynn & Traci
Toxie, Robyn Hill. Larger image 189k
Toxie & Robyn Hill
Toxie, Josh Stasinos. Larger image 220k
Toxie & Josh Stasinos
Lynn Marie, Mark White, Lloyd Kaufman. Larger image 235k
Lynn Marie & actor, Mark White meet Lloyd Kaufman

Photographs by Robyn Hill & Mimi Cruz. Click individual image to see larger versions.

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Special thanks to the guys at AROS Net for helping support this event every year.

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