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Dave Sim Cerebus book display at Night Flight CEREBUS book display at Night Flight Comics

Cerebus Vol IX: Reads
Aardvark Vanaheim
Black & White
250 pages — $17 [+$4.95 S/H]
Story/Art: Dave Sim — Art: Gerhard

CEREBUS #175-186 ("Mothers & Daughters" part 3). Harshly criticized at the time (even by longtime Cerebus fans), READS may stand as the Sim's most ambitious volume ever. Text-heavy the first half is a devastating satire of the comic book industry. The second half, which began a controversy that never ended, presents Sim's views of gender differences. His anti-feminist beliefs provoked endless fascinating discussions. See for yourself what all the commotion has been about. (246 pages)

Cerebus content & art © 2003 Dave Sim. All rights reserved.

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    Frank Miller's 300
    Frank Miller's 300 illustrates the under-reported battle of the Persian invasion of Greece as no other has. Published by Dark Horse Comics buy your copy at Night Flight.
    English, Greek and Italian hard cover editions available.

    Hard Looks Mirror Cover
    mirror collection.
    Containing 20 of the illustrated
    comics stories
    from the series
    written by Andrew Vachss.
    240 pgs - $17.95 U.S.

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