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Another Chance To Get It Right by Andrew Vachss

Art © 2001 DC Comic, Inc.
A Resource Book

This year's SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS panel at Comic Con 2002 was a hit!
Robyn Hill, Mike Carlin, Mimi Cruz
Robyn Hill, Mike Carlin & Mimi Cruz
The updated version of the SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS work book is now available. Please scroll down to the DC Comics image (as seen above) to download your free copy. Robyn Hill, Mike Carlin, Mimi Cruz
Robyn, Mike & Mimi ham it up at the Night Flight booth shared with Exhibit A Press in San Diego.

From the Comic-Con International 2002 Events Guide

"Comics in the Classroom: The Secret Origin of Good Readers—Learn how teachers, comic book store owners, and comic book publishers can work together to expose students to a wonderful resource that will appeal to visual learners, and develop reading and writing skills. Learn how you can work with schools in your area to increase awareness of comics. Presented by Robyn A. Hill, a doctoral candidate at the University of Utah, Mimi Cruz, manager of Night Flight Comics in Salt Lake City, and Mike Carlin, VP Executive Editor of DC Comics, this panel is a must-attend event that will help you look at comics in an entirely different light. This special program is open to all attendees of Comic-Con, Comic Book Expo, and Pro-Con."
Secret Origins Of Good Readers Comic Con Panel 2001 San Diego art by Bob Beason
Mimi Cruz, Mike Carlin, Robyn A. Hill

Art by Bob Beason
Idaho art teacher who attended the panel.

A message from Robyn A. Hill

On behalf of my co-presenters, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS panel at the 2002 Comic-Con International: San Diego. This year's attendees received a print copy of the updated companion text, "THE SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS: A Resource Book" (courtesy of Comic-Con International), as well as free comics, including Supernatural Law #31 (compliments of Exhibit A Press), Justice League Adventures (thanks to DC Comics), and Rising Stars ½ (courtesy of Top Cow). Due to numerous requests for additional copies of the resource book from teachers and comics retailers, Night Flight Comics, with the support of Aros Net, has generously provided space on the store website so that I am able to offer the book in PDF format online free of charge. That way, anyone who needs a copy need only download and print one. I only ask two favors:

  • 1. Please read and respect the "terms of use" for the book listed below.

  • 2. Please let me know what you think. I am always looking for ways to upgrade and expand "The Secret Origin of Good Readers" and would really appreciate your ideas and suggestions. My contact information is on the last page of the book, or you can write to me care of this website: Robyn A. Hill

  • The Secret Origins Of Good Readers PDF

    The Secret Origins Of Good Readers PDF Art © 2002 DC Comic, Inc.
    A copy of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF GOOD READERS: A Resource Book
    the 2002 updated version is available in PDF form.
    The file is 8.15 MB and will take approx. 45 minutes or more if you are using a dial-up.
    Click the image directly above to download and print your own copy.


    The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book is © TM 2002 Robyn A. Hill. All rights reserved. All of the images and artwork contained in The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book are © TM and property of their respective owners and creators. All rights reserved. Neither the book, nor any portion of the book, may be reproduced, repackaged, sold, or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Permission is granted for individuals, especially teachers and comics retailers, to download and print copies for their personal use. Worksheets contained in this book may be reproduced for student use. Further dissemination of The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book, or any portion of this book, requires written permission from the copyright holder(s).

    Thanks to our wonderful supporters!

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