Mike Carlin-DC Comics Executive Editor
DC Comics Senior Group Editor/Writer & Cool Dude

Carmel Curtis and Mike Carlin
Win Dinner With Mike Carlin
Thursday—May 6th, 2004

Visit us at either location to enter.
All proceeds go to Unbroken Trust
A University of Utah Student Club

Carmel and Mimi Cruz Mike, Alan, Carmel and Ty
Fans line up for Mike Hundreds of Superman fans lined up to meet Mike Carlin and get their favorite Superman comics autographed. Crowds line up to meet Mike Carlin Fans for Superman and Mike Carlin at the Cottonwood Mall
Alan and Greg provide security
Alan Carroll and Greg Curtis provide security for Mike.

  Mimi Cruz and Mike Carlin  
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Mike Carlin with some of the Night Flight crew Everyone worked hard to make this event fun.
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