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Mike Carlin-DC Comics Executive Editor
DC Comics Senior Group Editor/Writer & Cool Dude

Friday—May 7, 2004

Mike Carlin with actor/stuntman Don Shanks
Mike Carlin and Don Shanks, actor/stunt-coordinator hang out.

Mike Carlin with Bellies
Mike Carlin surrounded by bellies.
Mike Carlin, Robyn Hill & Don Shanks
Mike Carlin, Dr. Robyn A. Hill
and Don Shanks.
Derek Hunter, Alan Carroll, Mike Carlin, Ryan Ottley and Mimi Cruz
Derek Hunter, Alan Carroll, Mike Carlin,
Ryan Ottley, Mimi Cruz
Mike Carlin, Mimi Cruz & Don Shanks
Mike Carlin, Mimi Cruz and Don Shanks.
Mike Carlin & Erin
Erin Ott gets her comics autographed.
Mike Carlin, Mimi Cruz & Dr. Robyn A. Hill
Mike Carlin sends a
"shout out" to hommies.
Mike Carlin
With assistance from Dr. Robyn Hill, Mike Carlin reads "The Flinstones Meet The Jetsons" to children at the Salt Lake County Library in Sandy Utah.
Mike Carlin
Mike Carlin answers questions at the Salt Lake County Library.
Mike Carlin at SL County Library
Mike takes time for Q & A after his reading.

Mike Carlin
Mike Carlin caught autographing
RATMAN 2000 for Josh.

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Pirate Club writer/artist Derek Hunter
Derek Hunter, Pirate Club writer/artist.

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