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Another Chance To Get It Right by Andrew Vachss
Andrew Vachss
"Lord of the asphalt jungle." —Washington Post
A Burke Novel

Andrew Vachss NYC 1996
Photo: Eddie Adams

FALSE ALLEGATIONS A Burke Novel by Andrew Vachss

Mystery | Crime | Trade Paperback | Jan 2000 | $12.00 | Andrew Vachss

Burke. Ex-con. Mercenary. Urban survivalist. Career criminal. Scar-carrying member of that vast underground tribe, Children of the Secret; and some whisper, the city's finest hunter of predators, perhaps because he was spawned from the same seed.

Burke is a man for hire. And Bondi is a private dancer, performing on command her special routine on a high-tech stage. When she learns who's really watching, she wants to buy some revenge-or so she says. Her snake-hipped trail leads to an obsessed enforcer named Heather, and her boss, Kite, who blackmails Burke into taking on an ugly job of investigation. Kite is a professional debunker, specializing in allegations of child sexual abuse. "False" allegations, he says. Witch hunts. But now he may have stumbled across the case of his career-the real thing. And he needs a man who knows something about witches. He finds Burke.

Dark, edgy, unflinching, False Allegations is Andrew Vachss reporting from ground zero…and Burke at his most dangerous.

Acclaim for Andrew Vachss

"Deliciously scummy....His bad guys are memorably heinous."

Washington Post Book World

"[Vachss'] short sharp sentences crackly with energy; his plots are satisfyingly elaborate; the narraties are beautifully paced, and the characters...are always pungently individual."

Chicago Sun Times

"The characters and events are as sharply defined as if they were etched in steel. The prose is short and choppy, like the ticking of a time bomb about to explode."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"The writing is awesomely brutal."

Sunday Times

"Vachss writes like a cold switchblade....full of extraordinary and powerful imagery."

Time Out

False Allegations hc A Burke novel by Andrew Vachss
ISBN 0-679-45109-9 | 1996 | Alfred A. Knopf
$23.00 | 1st print Hard Cover Editon
Andrew Vachss signs FALSE ALLEGATIONS at Night Flight
Andrew Vachss signs FALSE ALLEGATIONS at Night Night
False Allegations pb A Burke novel by Andrew Vachss
ISBN 0-679-77293-6 | 1997
Vintage Crime edition | $12.00

Burke, rumored hit man, makes his living by preying on New York's most vicious predators and occasionally avenging their innocent victims. But in this mercilessly suspenseful novel, Burke finds himself working the other side of the street, where guilt and innocence are as disposable as the sheets in a Times Square hotel...and as dirty.

Burke's new employer is Kite, a fanatical crusader who specializes in debunking "false allegations" of child sexual abuse. Kite has a case that may be the real thing, but needs Burke to tell him if it is. And if mere money can't pursuade Burke to cooperate, Kite has plenty of other incentives at his disposal, including an over-zealous bodyguard with a taste for corsets and brass knuckles. A tour guide to hell written in icy prose. False Allegations is Andrew Vachss at his most unnerving.

"Burke is the toughest talking first-person narrator since Mike Hammer."

Los Angeles Times

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