Andrew Vachss
"Lord of the asphalt jungle." —Washington Post
Hard Looks Mirror Cover

The mirror collection
contains 20 of the illustrated comics
stories from the series
written by
Andrew Vachss
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The following "Statute of Limitations" excerpt can be found in both
Andrew Vachss' Hard Looks & Born Bad short-story collections.

"Look, pal, it don't make no difference to me. She paid full price for a body, you understand? She's paying the same for your hand she'd pay for your head. You just relax, do it the easy way. My man Fong's gonna cuff your hand flat to the table, I'm gonna wrap this tourniquet around your arm, find a vein, shoot you up with this happy juice. You go to sleep. You wake up. You got one less hand. All nice and bandaged, better than they'd do it in a hospital."

I hit the switch on the blowtorch. The hissing butane was the loudest sound in the room. I cracked a wooden match into life, fired the torch.

Statute of Limitations ©1992 Andrew Vachss.
© 2000 Andrew Vachss. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Art Tim Bradstreet
©1992-2000 Andrew Vachss
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.
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Cleveland Live

HARD LOOKS by Andrew Vachss
A Book Review By John Petkovic

To daytime talk show literati, Andrew Vachss is a familiar face: the guy with the eye-patch on a zealous crusade for children's rights. From federal investigator to social worker to prison director to practising attorney, Vachss has fought for the creation of a federal registry for sex offenders, led a boycott of goods produced in Thailand to protest its child prostitution trade and dedicated his law career exclusively to representing youth.

But Vachss is also a novelist who writes about—you guessed it—"the beast" called child abuse. In Hard Looks, Vachss' previously-released short stories are adapted to the graphic novel—i.e. comic book—format.

Metropolis is a hell-hole and the bad guys aren't just bad—they're pedophiles, rapists and sex-killers. Sometimes there's a hero to save the day, sometimes the hero comes as brutal avenger, as in "Family Resemblance," where a relative of an abducted girl exacts payback on the killers with a sawed-off shot gun.

However, it's stories like "Flash of White," an exploration into the mind of a sex-obsessed stalker who monitors women via telescope that make for Hard Looks' most compelling moments. Vachss leaves the good-bad caricatures and heavy-handed obvious behind, and delivers complex psycho-dramas in the pathological city. Shade that city with some stark, dark illustration and you get a graphic world of hyper-violent, straight-faced adult action closer to Superman than American Splendor. It's just that the bad guys are sick and ugly and sometimes the hero is nowhere to be found.

  "The characters and events are as sharply defined as if they were etched in steel. The prose is short and choppy, like a ticking of a time bomb about to explode."

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

   "Andrew Vachss is unique among modern writers; no one else comes close to the raw power and intellectual ambiguity that he manifests so elegantly, so coldly."

—Clarion-Ledger [Jackson, MS]

  "Hypnotically violent . . . made up of equal parts of broken concrete block and razor wire."

—Chicago Sun-Times

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New York Times said, "Vachss seems bottomlessly knowledgeable about the depth and variety of human twistedness." All of that depth and all of that knowledge is displayed in HARD LOOKS, adapting Vachss' short stories to comic-book format. A graphic-novel companion to Vachss' short-stories collection, BORN BAD, this isn't just a "hard look" at our human species, it's a call to action against its predators....and a profound statement of respect for those scar-carrying members of that vast tribe Vachss calls the "Children of the Secret."

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HARD LOOKS words and art © 1992-2001 Andrew Vachss
All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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