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Another Chance To Get It Right by Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss
"Lord of the asphalt jungle." —Washington Post
BATMAN: The Ultimate Evil
Andrew Vachss Batman: The Ultimate Evil - A Novel By Andrew Vachss
If Paris is the City of Light, what then is Gotham? From it's downtown Government Center where buildings crowd each other like subway passengers, to its midtown glitz of luxury hotels and four-star restaurants casually dispersed among ultra-ultra shops, to the uptown splendor of its high-rise co-ops and condos, Gotham stands as an international symbol of cosmopolitan success.

Airline pilots love to bank low over the city before landing at Gotham Airport, treating the passengers avidly lining the windows to the magnificent skyline. Viewed from above, Gotham by night resembles nothing so much as a ribbon of diamonds artfully arranged on a pad of deep, rich black velvet.

But closer to ground zero, the view changes. The black velvet has an illumination all its own—the cold garish neon of the sex industry, the feverish light in the dead eyes of desperate drug addicts, the inadequate streetlights creating pools of shadows in which muggers patiently wait.

Deeper down in the crosstown depths of the city, the only light is man-made as evil itself.

And the only language spoken is the unspeakable.

"A book no Batman fan should miss. If ever a work of fiction featuring a comics character deserved to be compulsory reading, this is surely it."
Alan Grant,
author of Batman: Shadow of the Bat
In the heart of Gotham's darkness glows the cold garish neon of the sex industry, the feverish eyes of desperate drug addicts, the streetlights creating shadows in which muggers patiently wait. This is where Batman's most personal—and most savage—battle begins. And where he must confront a vortex of violence so profound that those who survive lose their souls.

Batman The Ultimate Evil #1 [of 2] by Andrew Vachss

"The most stylish adaptation of a comic book figure yet...cold stiletto prose and white-hot passions."        —Publishers Weekly

In the match of the century, one of today's most powerful crime novelists brings his years of ground-zero experience with abused children to the adventures of the most popular super hero of our time. Andrew Vachss, hailed by the Washington Post as "Lord of the Asphalt Jungle," introduces Batman to the ultimate evil—and to a shocking revelation about the night-rider's own origins.

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BATMAN: the ultimate Evil
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